This is your Home screen Help Android Step 1
The upper right icon opens the menu. Select My Accounts to connect your accounts to the Bourn app. Help Android Step 2
Select your platform from the dropdown menu, click "Add" and follow the instructions.
When finished, click the Bourn logo in the top bar to return Home.
Help Android Step 3
Tap the Bourn logo to connect with other Bourn users. Help Android Step 4
Select connection method, and the accounts and channels you want to share.
For NFC, the two users almost touch their devices back-to-back and follow prompts to link.
Help Android Step 5
For QR, one user selects "Receive", the other selects "Transmit". Then scan the QR code to link. Help Android Step 6
Add the other user's accounts you wish to friend, follow, subscribe to, etc.
Connected accounts remain available in the app for 24 hours under "Follow" in the menu.
Help Android Step 7
Need to update your information? Need to change your password?
Choose "My Account" from the menu.
Help Android Step 8